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Poker is a complex game, the strategies change very quickly over the years as more and more players start becoming better. You need to keep learning so that you can stay ahead of the game, which means more profits. With ViktorsPoker.com you will always stay years ahead of your compeition. We have been teaching the most profitable ways to play poker since 2010 and this is the end of 2020 and we are coming up with lot of new courses in 2021 for Hold'em and PLO. Take our courses and you will be making a lot of money playing poker!

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Since 2010 we have imparted premium poker skills to thousands of students through our eBooks and courses. These players over the years have taken down the biggest and the best games, from cash games to tournaments around the world. Now is your chance to start improving and getting better! We are always providing you the poker knowledge that is exclusive and nowhere to be read in poker books, once the knowledge comes in poker books very soon it is dispersed among the masses of poker players, for example everyone today knows that Tight Aggressive wins money, but with everyone being Tight Aggressive you will be losing money, plus not knowing how to play according to your stack sizes you will be progressively losing a lot!

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Learning poker will always make you a smarter poker player. We have been teaching the best strategies since 2010 at all online retailers like Amazon and with dozens of poker books and courses we have gained the right knowledge as to how we can progress you as a poker player through the ranks. 

Let us say there are a dozen or so poker skills which are extremely essential that we have identified. 

Now if you lack any of the skills you are going to lose something, for example one important skill is Tilt, now if you tilt bad then whatever you have made is going to be lost very quickly. One example of another skill is staying away from casino games, now if you keep going to casino games you will be losing all the poker profits there. 

Get ahead in all the essential skills and it never hurts to learn!

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Our Courses
1. Hold'em Cash Games

Learning to sit at any hold'em cash game and cashing out profits is what you want. On a good night it could be several times your buy-in but on a bad night you should have some dollars to show for the time spent no matter what the cards come, and in this we excel. Just imagine how much you could make with this course!

2. PLO Cash

PLO is an extremely brutal game, play it wrong and despite getting all the right cards you will get up broke each time. The variance and the rake that is taken is insane and for this reason learning the art of making money is extremely important. Don't worry we have a course that will get you far away from your competition!

3. No More Tilting

Tilt is extremely dangerous for any poker player, it is most important that you eliminate tilt today. With our course not only will poker tilt will be eliminated from the poker game, but you will always be playing your A game and never your F game. 

4. Money Management

So you are playing your A Game, you don't tilt and now you have started making money and cash is piling up fast. Now what do you do, do you just blow it all in fancy clothes, diamond rings or gold chains? How can you invest and save money so it is readily available when you need and you do not waste a lot in transactional costs. A lot of great poker players do not know how to manage cash and you must take this course!

5. Roulette

Let's face it all poker players have splurged on this game, now I never recommend any of the poker players go over here, as the odds are always stacked against you. But for those who are in it for fun and would like to learn my crazy method where I predict the next numbers using my own system are welcome!

6. Baccarat

So this is the game of hard core gamblers and of course it does not belong as a poker course. But for those of you who are stuck in this game, do not know how to play it, help is it hand! Remember this is the most brutal game, your entire life's savings could go up in hours here, You always want to put the minimum bet and never martingale, there are some secrets that you could use to play poker better when are you are done with this course! Still for all novice, average and experienced players I would recommend STAY AWAY! But if you MUST take this course!

Success Stories

I was a losing poker player all my life despite reading all the poker books out there like Super System etc. I thought I had read it all but I was still tilting. I had gone to twoplustwo forums and read all the advanced threads including the well, poker theory but nothing was making sense for my game. 

I enrolled for ViktorsPoker.com courses and sooner I began to realize my follies, the mistakes that I always committed, the tilt that always happened. 

And now I am always playing my best game, I never tilt, some good days I am winning poker tournaments and making thousands of dollars and all that money stays with me, earlier I was losing all the money back to the site. Thank You Viktor! for taking time personally to coach me. All the naysayers out there, all the believe nots I would say just one thing take a course and your poker skills will shoot through the sky! Your poker bankroll will shoot through the sky!

- Phil Jones
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10 Years of Experience

We have been teaching poker skills since over 10 years our first book Secrets Of Poker Professionals, Psychology and Tilt Relief was an instant hit at Amazon and other online retailers!. 

Team Of Experts

We have a lot of talented instructors and poker players who have joined hands together to bring you the most powerful poker courses that will make a huge difference in your poker income!

20+ Books

So far we have created over 20 poker books but you do not need to go over all of them, you can take personalized course and get started making money fast. Our one on one courses will soon make you unbeatable at the poker tables. 


I was a recreational poker player and would sometimes sit at the poker table because my boy friend would be playing. I always lost money as the poker table thought me weakest, but with the ViktorsPoker.com Training I am the strongest and those that thought me weakest are hit the hardest and lose the most to me!

Rebecca Lee Part Time Poker Player

I always hated my job, I wanted a high income skill and I thought poker is the right choice for me. In a day I was sometimes making thousands of dollars but the losses far exceeded my winnings and when I took ViktorsPoker.com courses my winnings far exceed what I can believe was possible and on bad days I am still ahead some dollars! I highly recommend this course to poker players at all levels. 

Robert Chase Accountant

I used to pass time playing poker while I was making good money at my startup. What struck me was that over a period of several years my losses were huge. Though I was making enough from my business I thought it is extremely bad to lose these huge sums of money playing poker. I enrolled at ViktorsPoker.com and now my poker has become sort of a side income rather than a money guzzling activity. 

Jenna Simson Business Owner