PokerStars is after my books

My online retailers like Amazon and some others reached out to me that they need to remove some books in which I was detailing how PokerStars was scamming out poker players, and they indeed removed some poker books from their stores. This was no surprise, PokerStars and its parent Amaya are billion dollar operation and they have the power to do a lot of things.

Even if some books are blocked from selling that does not mean they are legitimate business, my readers and my students are always up to do of the poker scene and I hide nothing from them, whatever good, bad or ugly there is.
The poker industry is huge, it has a massive underbelly, and it will always be there, money attracts people of the wrong kind very quickly and the governments just minting money from taxes and not caring about the poker players much is hurting actually them more! Now who trusts online poker? Had it been not so, at a couple of poker rooms there would be tens of thousands of poker players logged in and there would still be phenoms like Dwan, Patrick and Gus Hansen crushing the biggest stakes.

That is my dream still, and if you support me, maybe we realize that in the next 10 years.

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