One On One Course

Download Team Viewer Free version for personal use. Drop a line at and tell me the course that you want to take that is, Hold'em Cash Games, PLO, Tilt, Money Management, Roulette or Baccarat and tell me the time you are willing to invest in it with me, and I will send you a personalized quote. 

Remember I do not need any money, I make enough selling the poker courses at online retailers, plus all the investments that I have done till now account for millions of dollars. If you are struggling in your games I personally want to help you succeed and for this I will making the time investment on my part!

FREE GIFT FOR VISITING - Come Play in my club details on the About page, and when you click here you get to read some of my first poker books for free. Of course do not forget to buy real copies from your online retailers, and check out for my upcoming books!

- Viktor J